About MMK

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Kristen, the founder of Milly Moon Kombucha. In case you're wondering, I am a native Phoenician! I started Milly Moon Kombucha because I am a firm believer in the importance of the gut microbiome to one’s overall health. I first tried kombucha in 2018 when I was fighting a terrible flu. I knew kombucha was good for the body and wanted to give it a try. I quickly realized that it not only reduced my flu symptoms, but it also helped regulate my stomach issues. At the time I was burnt out and overworked and all that stress was taking a toll on my gut health. The docs had even diagnosed me with IBS. After realizing how effective kombucha was in healing my gut issues, I started making it at home and drinking it regularly. Over time, the microorganisms and probiotics found in kombucha were beginning to repopulate my gut microbiome with good bacteria, making it a more diverse and healthy environment. And much like the fermentation process, I naturally started to grow my interest in fermented foods and fell in love with the product. Fast forward three years and here I am spreading the love of kombucha around my hometown! I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life right now than sharing this wonderful living beverage with others. 

Our Kombucha

We primarily brew our kombucha with a combination of organic green and black Assam tea. These varieties of tea ferment well and create a wonderfully malty and robust flavor. As for additional flavors, we use fresh produce, herbs and spices, sourcing locally and organically whenever possible. We never use concentrates or extracts, only whole foods. No sugar or fruit juice is added to the fermented tea, making it a low sugar drink. 

We also feature some kombucha flavors that are tea-forward, allowing the flavor of the tea to take center stage without the addition of fruit flavors. Jasmine green tea and Oolong are two of our favorites.

And because we love variety and want to source locally whenever possible, our flavors will rotate with the seasons. 

Who is Milly Moon?

Milly and Moon are our two adorable rescue cats. They don't brew kombucha nor drink it, but they're a big part of our family, so we had to include them! Milly is a Persian and Moon is a Blue Siamese. If you follow us on Instagram, you'll see lots of photos of these cuties!