What we're doing to reduce our carbon footprint

There's a lot that business owners need to take into consideration when it comes to reducing waste. Here are a few practices that we have implemented to work towards waste reduction. 

Reusing Bottles

One of the most impactful principles of sustainability that anyone can practice is reusing what you already own. That's why we created a bottle collection program and offer discounts to customers for returning bottles. For every 16oz bottle returned, you get a discount of $1 off your next purchase, and for every 32 oz bottle returned, you get a discount of $2 off your next purchase. Collected bottles are washed and sanitized and put back into circulation. It's more costly this way, but it is definitely worth the cost and effort.  


We compost all of our food waste such as spent tea, fruit scraps and herbs, as well as old SCOBYs (kombucha culture). Composting is a great way to reduce carbon emissions by transforming organic material into soil that can be used in a garden. 

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

Customers are welcome to bring their own clean and empty cup to events or markets where we offer kombucha on tap for a pour at a discounted price. 

Decomposable / Compostable Cups

We try to avoid using single-use plastics whenever possible. When we offer cups for kombucha on tap, we provide compostable/biodegradable cups made from corn, and provide a separate bin for those items to ensure that they are sent to be composted. 

Sourcing Locally  

Sourcing ingredients and supplies locally as much as possible helps to support the local community in addition to reducing shipping costs and lowering Co2 emissions.